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Transparent Service Offerings

Full Service 


Best for business owners wanting to sell & not get killed in taxes, or pre-retirees wanting expert help with irreversible retirement decisions.

*Limited to 50 households *


Managed Accounts

You will be brought onboard over 2 - 3 meetings. After the initial meetings and account setup, I proactively reach out to meet 2x per year in the spring & fall.


  • Safety-first investment approach to protect your nest egg

  • Plan around your capital gains to find the most tax-efficient option for your goals with the money

  • Complete your 15-Point Client Checklist each year (view example here)

  • Communicate & work with your CPA to prevent common tax mishaps

  • Strategize how to best use Roth strategies for your situation

  • Analyze tax returns each year to plan for current & future tax opportunities (View a sample tax analysis)

  • Act as an accountability partner for what you are wanting to achieve

  • Actively monitor for course-corrections required on your financial path

  • Evaluate any new tax and estate law changes to see how you might be affected on an ongoing basis

  • Coordinate with your other professionals around your financial strategies



Best for the DIY-er, or someone just getting started on their path to financial independence. You just need a little bit of guidance to find answers to your questions.



(full plans typically run between $1,500 - $3,000 total, depending on complexity)

This process usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on how quickly you want to move and your speed of uploading requested documents.


  • 2 weeks of email support after plan delivery for any relevant follow-up questions

Your choice of:

  • Retirement planning

  • Business planning

  • Investment analysis

  • Tax planning strategies

  • Debt management planning 

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