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Preparing For Retirement?

Focus On What Matters

Here Are Some Common Things I Hear:


Will I have enough to do the things most important to me?


If the market drops, will I still be okay?


I'll always work, but want to make sure my loves ones will be okay

How Are These Questions Addressed?

"Will I have enough to do the things most important to me?"

This question is personal to each family, but answering it is crucial. I take the time to work with you and help you frame what needs to happen between now and the future for you to consider having lived a fulfilled life.

By following an ongoing financial planning process, you will always know where you stand in retirement preparedness. What levers can we pull to help you succeed?

  • Are there changes that need to be made to your investments?
  • Can you retire earlier, or need to wait?
  • Can home equity assist with costly long-term care needs?
  • Do Roth accounts make sense for your situation?
  • Do you need to invest more in your working years?

We will look at all these questions (and more) together to craft the best path forward for your situation. And since no plan survives contact with real life, I help you navigate the curveballs life will throw along the way. 


"If the market drops, will I still be okay?"

Large market drawdowns can significantly affect your future if you are unprepared. The greater the loss, the greater the gain required to break even. A 50% dip (2008-like event) actually requires a 100% gain after the fact just to recover the loss. 

Take a look below at how the increasing severity of drawdowns make your investments have to work harder to recover:

Are you in a stage of life where you are prepared to weather a 50% drawdown in total investment value? If you are greater than 10 years from retirement, you might be okay. If you are less than 10 years away, this could delay your retirement plans!

Do you know how you are invested, and if it makes sense for you? I help answer that question for you and ensure you are in the "right lane" for your stage of life.

No sense in buying high and selling low! I don't believe in taking unnecessary risk. Is your safety bucket full enough?

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"I'll always work, but want to make sure my loves ones will be okay"

I get it! I always need something to do and learn about as well. An active retirement is an engaged retirement which also presents new challenges and opportunities for your planning process. I help you navigate items such as:

  • How is my Social Security affected if I'm still working?
  • Am I taking time to enjoy the wealth I have built?
  • How do I pass assets on to loved ones and charities? (And not leave the IRS a tip!)
  • How would a trust help me in later years?
  • Will Roth accounts benefit myself and my heirs?

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